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The Chenese Lewis Show is the #1 podcast for plus size women! Established in 2008, the iconic, live podcast features in-depth interviews with a wide range of industry experts, including plus size influencers and national brands.

Jennifer Barreto-Leyva | Episode #252

Jennifer Barreto- Leyva is the Editor in Chief of  Belleza XL the first and only Magazine in history dedicated to plus size people in Spanish. She is also a lawyer, journalist, and activist with over 20 years in the body positive movement. Her work has been celebrated and highlighted for Franza Sozanni, Editor in Chief of Vogue Italia and Cristina Saralegui best known as the Latina Oprah. She has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Ravishly Magazine, Marie Claire Magazine, and seen on Univision. Most recently she was featured on as a Latina influencer to be inspired by and she is nominated as “Journalist of the Year” for the inaugural Full Figured Industry Awards, November 2nd in New York.

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